European Union hasn’t yet introduced international standard in data publication regarding public procurements. TenderBase resolves this problem republishing public procurements data in real time in an international Open Contracting Data Standard. Data is gathered for 9 new EU member states and plans exists to cover non-EU countries as well as under the EU threshold procurements.

This tool allows researchers, watchdog organizations and investigative journalists to measure how countries are performing against each other in terms of public procurement transparency, to use it in further advocacy for more transparent procurement as well as to spot corruption using red flag indicators. The tool provides also an added value for businesses to acquire a better pictures of regional opportunities and trends in public procurements.

16 March 2016

Working Group

Working group meeting

For quite a time we have been discussing different ideas that could be implemented in the area of public procurement. Many of these talks has been facilitated by Sandor Lederer from the K-Monitor as part of the TransparenCEE working groups.

01 June 2017

Standardized database

One of the prevalent ideas was to create a standardized database of all the procurement in the region. Getting the support of other working group members K-Monitor has started to implement the solution.

01 October 2017

IT development by DeepData

K-Monitor has contracted their trusted partner DeepData in order to develop the IT solution.

27 November 2017

Omidyar Network networking grant

Several TransparenCEE partners has successfully applied to Omidyar Network’s networking grant. Meeting in Lviv organized by Transparency International Ukraine was attended by representatives of ePanstwo Foundation, K-Monitor, Transparency International Lithuania and Open Contracting Partnership, and allowed to exchange experience with processing public procurement data and inform the development of the project.

05 March 2018

Launch of the website

After several months of tackling data processing and standardization the website has been publicly deployed.