Strengthening fact-checkers using tech


How can technology support fact-checkers? There are numerous experiments testing various approaches: detecting statements worth checking, automatic fact-checking, social media sharing plugins, etc. We’ve decided to experiment with bringing fact-checks closer to user. Now with a Chrome extension fact-checked statements will be highlighted as you browse the web, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.

01 June 2016

Looking for the right project

We didn’t have a project chosen in the beginning. While building the knowledgebase with all the projects and organization in the region we were becoming more sure what there is worth to scale

14 March 2016

First ideas

Krzysztof – tech expert, sends few ideas about what could be scaled: Infometer project, crowdsourcing data from PDFs or an experimentation project – providing fact-checkers with a tool to better reach their audience. For the latter he presents a working prototype with a short video.

02 June 2016

Establishing the idea

We’ve decided to go on with tool for fact-checkers and we’ve prepared a proposal for this tool

The main idea: make readers better informed without changing their habits of media usage

10 June 2016

We're working with Factual Romania

The proposal got accepted and we’re going to work with one of the strongest fact-checkers in the region, platform that is curated by Funky Citizens NGO.

Follow the development of the tool on Github.

10 July 2016

Romanian developer found

We prefer to work not only with local organizations, but also local developers. So it was great to hear that Cosmin Pojoranu, a project leader from Funky Citizens team has found the Romanian developer that is going to create Chrome browser extension.

10 October 2016

Live extension

Speeding up work after holiday period, tweaking bugs, we’ve managed to release the extension in October. It can be downloaded on this link.

24 October 2016

Communications campaign

Why is it important to be an expert or consult experts? Check this Youtube video (English subtitles available)

13 November 2017

Further replication

After successful launch in Romania, a Code for Poland community project was started to replicate the tool for Polish factchecker Demagog.

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