Red Flags

Hungary & Poland

The Red Flags project supports the fight against corrupt procurements by monitoring procurement processes and highlighting fraud risks at different stages of the procurement process. Although risky does not mean corrupt, flagged procurement documents can be further checked by public officials in control agencies, journalists and citizens.

30 September 2015

First grant for the project

K-Monitor has been applying for the project grant to Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme of European Commission together with Transparency International Hungary. After the project won we’ve started talking how the solution dedicated to Hungary could be scaled to other CEE countries.

01 February 2016

Planning adaptation

We’ve started with the draft proposal and then by online and offline meetings, like one at Personal Democracy Forum PL-CEE, we’ve decided that we are doing a pilot project in Poland to check how much effort it take to scale Red Flags to other countries.

28 June 2016

Looking for a legal expert

However aligned are the legal frameworks inside European Union, the practice of public procurement is different in evey country. So we had to find the legal expert that will adapt the algorithms that flag risky procurements.

After few meetings with candidates we’ve found Maciej Lubiszewski, PhD.

09 May 2016

Looking for a Polish dev

Parallely we were looking for a Java developer that will code algorithms prepared by legal expert as well as integrate datasets of Polish procurements. Finally we’ve found Marcin Dzierzak.

20 May 2016

Mapping datasources

Marcin takes on a first taks which is integrating Polish datasource of tenders taken from MojePanstwo opendata platform.

21 May 2016

Negative suprises

European Union has changed its procurement law, which affects the project both in Poland and Hungary. As underlying algorithm will need to be adapted we are deciding how to tackle this issue.

25 May 2016

Positive suprises

On POINT Conference in Sarajevo, a Croatian activist, Maja Pleics, has reached to us saying she is planning to deploy a similar tool in her country. We’ve connected her to K-Monitor and are now looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.

11 June 2016


We’ve also started to define the communications plan for the project. We’ve already have a draft video intuitively presenting the platform, we’re going to translate it to English soon.

16 July 2016

First Polish indicator

First indicator is adapted by the legal expert: there is some corruption risk in tenders involving “framework agreement with a single contractor”. Soon it will be follow by implementation in the platform.

05 September 2016

Full indicator list

After holidays we’ve managed to create a full list of indicators adapted to Polish context.