Public Procurements Indicators Toolbox

Co-creation in Europe

There is a lot of watchdog organizations looking at how the public money is spent and trying to highlight inefficiencies and potential corruption. Public Procurements Indicators Toolbox is a website facilitating cooperation between tech-savvy watchdogs working in the field of public procurement monitoring, as well as targeting those activists who would like to launch such projects to foster civic control over public spending in their country. The website contains 100+ risk indicators collected from different projects in the region and aims to serve as a stepping stone for developers, resource for academics, and a positive example of data sharing under Creative Commons for the activists in the field.

01 January 2017


Several TransparenCEE affiliated organizations, as well as some other organizations in Europe has been working on automatically detecting and flagging risky procurements. The idea was born to aggregate the work of all the organizations into one website serving as knowledge-exchange point.

04 December 2018

Co-creation and synthesis

This project build upon the previous work of the different organizations and initiatives, such as, Digiwhist, Prozorro, Sympa, Open Contracting Partnerships, and other existing projects. The tools synthesizes and surfaces risk indicators developed by independent organizations and hopes to be a connecting point for everyone in the field.

01 March 2018

Launch of the tool

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