Fact-checking politicians in Croatia

Bosnia & Hertzegovina -> Croatia

Fact-checking initiatives has spread in Western Balkans thanks to the ActionSEE network collaborations. TransparenCEE has supported most recent of this replications – implementing Faktograf fact-checking initiative in Croatia.

Existing fact-checking initatives

Several organizations in Western Balkans have strong experience in fact-checking. Vistinomer in Macedonia, Istinomjer in Bosnia & Hertzegovina, Istinomer in Serbia has been running for many years.

01 October 2015

Croatian GONG

Croatian GONG is a team of journalists and researchers specialized in investigative journalism. For some time they have been thinking about doing fact-checking and TransparenCEE came in the right moment providing funds to make it happen.

01 November 2015

Zasto Ne training support

Zasto Ne runnning Bosnian Istinomjer initiative has offered to support introducing fact checking in Croatia.

Replication included two components. The tech one, a website presenting recent fact-checks and helping the staff to coordinate team’s work. The more important though were the trainings, extending journalists’ professional knowledge with fact-checking methodologies.

30 January 2016

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