Debating public issues

Javna Rasprava: Bosnia -> Albania

Javna Rasprava is a platform devoted to engage citizens in the debate around public issues. Editorial team summarizes legislation being proceeded in the parliament in a concise manner. Citizens are given option to express their stance by voting for or against the bills or their most important policies, or to inquire more asking politicians for their opinions. A ranking of politicians who answered the most questions is presented to encourage the positive involvement.

01 June 2017

Success in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Zasto Ne has been running their Javna Rasprava website for several years convincing many politicians to be more open and to discuss current legislation with citizens.

18 July 2017

Open call for replication

We have release an Open Call in order to replicate this project in another country. We have applications from several countries and organizations, namely: Moldavian Viitorul, Open Data Kosovo, Georgian Forset and Albanian LexFerendi.

13 September 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

In the process of talking to potential candidates we have aggregated a Frequently Asked Questions document introducing the goals of the website, the process to deploy it and the needed resources.

15 August 2017

Lex Ferenda in Albania

Looking for a right place to replicate Bosnian success we have found Lex Ferenda, a team of lawyers covering already the most pressing issues from the Albanian parliament.

26 September 2017


On the margins of Personal Democracy Forum Ukraine 2017 we have organized training where Zasto Ne has onboarded Lex Ferenda team regarding how to best summarize the laws and how to use the platform.

14 February 2018

Explanatory animation

27 November 2017

Launch of the website

Hard work of Zasto Ne IT team preparing the production deployment and Lex Ferenda summarizing most  pressing issues in the parliament has allow to launch the website end of November.

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