Asset Declarations in CEE

Research co-creation

Co-created assessment of efficiency and functioning of asset disclosure systems in the 18 CEE countries. The data and analysis presented on this platform are a result of joint research endeavours of organisations from Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, and Ukraine. In each country, leading non-governmental organizations working in the field of transparency and accountability of public institutions contributed with providing answers to 35 questions related to the existing rules and systems of asset declarations.

24 October 2016

Exploratory surveys

At the beginning of our networking efforts inside TransparenCEE network we have done exploratory surveys asking organizations what do they work on, what are they strategic priorities, what topics are they interested in the most. The results has provided us with the great insight into who constitutes our community and what are they needs.

One of the issues that surfaced in the results was that of the asset declarations.

08 April 2017

Working group meeting

Working group meeting

Face to face meeting held at margins of Personal Democracy Forum CEE allowed working group to discuss which ideas for project collaboration projects in the area of asset declarations are the most needed. We have been discussing several ideas, such as:

  • Assessing the state of the regulations
  • Opening asset declarations data with gamification of volunteers engagement
  • Joint advocacy efforts to improve the law
  • Creating international Politically Exposed Persons database
  • Creating Asset Declaration Data Standard
  • Analytics and visualizations monitoring solution
  • Approaches for working with local partners on municipal asset declarations opening

The discussion was a great learning opportunity for everyone involved and has surfaced some existing work in aforementioned areas.¬†Finally the group decided that assessment of the regulations and legal practice in all of the countries could be a resource that would benefit each organization’s advocacy efforts.


07 November 2017

Online report and knowledge exchange forum

An online report was created as a foundation needed for various initiatives in the area of asset declarations. It is an online knowledge exchange forum and place to post resources connected with the topic, as well as an assessment of the current regulations.

04 December 2017


In order to conduct better reach out informing about the report, TransparenCEE Communication Manager Ania Kiedrzynek has coordinated creation of the infographics comparing how countries perform in the field.

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