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Open Data Principles for Beginners

What institutional openness and open data mean in practice, also from a legal point of view.

With this publication we’re aiming at fulfilling the gap between general information and very specific, legally or technically oriented publications and websites, trying as much as possible to avoid jargon and giving examples, so the reader can easily find information where to start reforming the law or advocating for its reform.

Civic Tech Product Management

How civic tech product management looks like in practice? There are a lot of bad practices, some resulting from inefficient resources, but most caused by the lack of or insufficient focus on the planning phases of projects and the organizational structure behind it. Civic Tech Product Management series focus is a practical approach to the subject.

Data Standards

Data helps us better understand the reality we function in, informs fact-based policies and, when well analyzed, it allows us to see patterns, irregularities and intersections we would never think of.

An analysis of what data standards are and what they mean in practice.