Vodite Racuna – Budget Viz

Project website

Part of the bigger website educating about taxes and public budgets – a visualization showing planned budget of Serbia for year 2014.

It also offers unique tool to compare budget across years:


Project website


  • CRTA – Center for Research, Transparency and Accountability

    Group of activists and journalists that engages with both citizens and institutions in an effort for higher institutional and public officials’ accountability in Serbia through monitoring and oversight of their work.

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  • GAP – State Budget

    OpenSpending-based visualization of Kosovian state budget.


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  • Otvorene Zmluvy

    A platform presenting public procurement contracts and engaging citizens and NGOs in monitoring them.

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  • Onorata Instanta

    Onorata Instanta (“Your honor!”) is a website presenting performance of the justice system in Romania.

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