Red Flags

Flagging procurements that are potentially corrupt
Project website

The “Red Flags in Public Procurement” project, carried out in co-operation with Transparency International, aims to develop a risk indicator and early warning system that helps to identify or prevent risky public procurements.


Project website


Indicators that are used for red-flaging are documented in section 2 of project documentation.


Source code is available on Github, the documentation is exposed also on


  • K-monitor

    K-Monitor is an anti-corruption grass root NGO founded in 2007. K-Monitor strives against corruption and promotes the transparency of public spending in Hungary. K-Monitor operates open data websites, conducts research and advocates for legal reform.  With the contribution of our researches, analyses and recommendations, we aim to challenge and overcome the social indifference to corruption, to raise awareness and disseminate knowledge. We truly believe that information technology can contribute to a more open, more transparent and more democratic way of governing. Therefore K-Monitor develops databases and online tools by which public expenses become trackable, and decision makers can be hold accountable. Principles of our operation are openness, independence and a critical approach.

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  • Sledi gi Parite

    A website familiarizing citizens with the fiscal policies of local self-governments, through a simple and transparent presentation of their budgets, i.e. incomes and expenditures of the municipalities since 2008. – ActionSEE network website


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  • Map of Elections Violations

    Map of elections violations in Ukraine published live by independent observers in electoral commisions.

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    The Declarator project is a continually updated open database which contains income and asset declarations of Russian civil servants including ministers, deputies, judges, as well as representatives of regional and municipal institutions. Furthermore, the database includes declarations of employees of state-owned corporations and companies. According to Russian law, over a million people are obliged to publish their income and asset declarations every year.

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