Forget what politicians say. What truly matters is what theydo. And what they do is vote, to write our laws which affect us all. […]

(We present) how your MP votes on issues you care about. We’ve peeled back the layers of stuffy jargon, arcane procedures and language so you can find out whether a member voted on expanding powers to intercept communications or for Aboriginal land rights. There is a whole list of policies. If you see one missing, you can add your own.- from About the Project

This project is a clone of Australian They Vote for You (Public Whip) platform so head there for a full-English introduction into the project.


Code is available on Github on aGPL v3 license. Platform is based on Public Whip platform by OpenNorth Foundation.


All the data in the platform is accessible through JSON API.


Be sure to check Election Calculator which is a project that has been implemented in several CEE countries that aims to also inform voters on how they representative has voted in the past, but it asks citizens a set of questions about their political views instead of providing explicit list of policies.

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