All parliaments - one standard, one API
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Data on dozen of european parliaments available through one API.

This multi-partner project is scraping data from different parliaments, structuring, standardizing and pushing into one database, from which any body can access all the parliaments data in standarized manner.

Data being processed (some countries may have exceptions):

  • MPs profiles
  • Political parties
  • Political chambers terms
  • Parliament structure
  • Debates
  • Bills
  • Votings
Project website
  • EPF – ePanstwo Foundation

    EPF Foundation mission is to strengthen citizen rights for access to information, free speech, open culture and freedom of communication. The foundation creates tools for open culture, public information and civic media. On these tools it builds citizen engagement and information skills, thus strenghtenig democratic processes.

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  • is a civic association (“občanské sdružení” in Czech), which aims to support democracy. This is primarily being done by developing and operating of the website and our projects. strives to increase awareness of citizens, strenghten the watchdog of elected representatives and boost openness of data, using many cmodern technological tools.

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  • Open Data Kosovo

    Open Data Kosovo believes that opening data is essential in establishing good governance, government transparency, and accountability. This initiative promotes the idea that governance data should be made freely available for everyone to use and republished as they wish, without restrictions from copyright, patents or other mechanisms of control.

    Open Data Kosovo contributes to the development of a local and vibrant tech scene. By working as a lab that provides mentorship and training programs, we engage local software developers and help build a community around the use of nascent and enabling technologies to develop apps for social good with Kosovo’s open data.

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    Simply and conveniently provide information about media owners.

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  • Political

    Website presenting donations to Georgian political parties linked to corporate registers and public procurement.

    Since its launching the government has introduced its own official website, but TI website still offers additional value: donors are linked to companies they own as well as their participation in public procurement.

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  • Parasyk Jiems

    Write a letter to your representative.

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