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An Alavateli-based Freedom of Information Requests site in Romania



We are individuals – we are not an organization, we have no legal personality.That is why we are also very responsible, very careful to respect the laws in force, so we do not collect personal information on this site does not crawl, not process them. We are, in alphabetical order,Rodica Ardelean Florin Buga, Roxana Badger , Alina Calistru , Elena Calistru , Paul Chioveanu ,Monica Măroiu , Andrei Petcu , Cosmin Pojoranu , Paul Radu , Ioana Truşcă , Petre Tudor ,Sorina Untu , Codru Sparrow and Walter Werner . A big thanks to the organizations that have supported us in this volunteer project: ActiveWatch (agency media monitoring) Foundation Fog ,Association for Technology and Internet , Association EPAS , Funky Citizens and Rise Project – without their help, this project ( worth about € 10,000 hours of volunteer work) would be seen computer screens in a short time. – google-translated from About Us


Available on Github on aGPL v3 license.

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