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Tool for to report problems in public space to local municipality. Inspired by British FixMyStreet.com and American SeeClickFix.com.

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Naprawmy To can be used by municipalities to communicate with citizens for a monthly fee.

  • Shipyard

    Shipyard mission is to critically and fairly describe the challenges of social life in Poland and exploration and dissemination of effective, innovative and based on citizen participation methods to respond to them. It aims also to support individual development of people with different backgrounds, ready to involve in public affairs beyond their individual interests.

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  • Imovina Politicara

    Database of assets declarations (jobs and income, real estate, savings, loans), involvment in judicial procedures and general profiles (biography, education, party affiliation) of politicians from Bosnia & Hertzegovina.

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    Monitoring Lithuanian parliament.

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  • Alavateli

    Alaveteli helps you lower the barriers that prevent citizens asking questions of those in power.

    One of the most popular platform used for sending FOIA requests and sharing responses publicly. It is deployed in CEE in theĀ following countries.

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