Legislative Openness Data Explorer

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The Legislative Openness Data Explorer provides global, comparative information on parliamentary openness.

Parliamentary openess definition includes both procedural (ie. Can a member of the public observe or listen to parliamentary plenary sessions?) and technical (is data published in open formats) aspects. Data was collected from experts in the field through survey based research. It has been categorized to provide general overview of data availability into three categories. Green indicates that the data is available in open formats, yellow that the data is available but not in open formats, and red that the data is not available. Each data point includes detailed information on where data can be found, what are the formats, coverage, etc.

The site also promotes good practices in parliamentary openess, be sure to add yours!


Available on Github.


All the of the collected data displayed on the website was gathered through survey based research. See methodology.

All underlying data can be downloaded in CSV or XLS formats.


Through filling surveys one can:

  • Add data if  data on your chamber of parliament is missing
  • Refine the data if  some of the data is inaccurate
  • Add good practice examples  – What are parliaments in your country or region doing to expand legislative openness?

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