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Showing legislative path of bills – from proposals, through changes and votings, to actual use.

The purpose is to show the complete legislative path:

  • legislative footprint from the first proposal, through legislative process in parliament, enriched with reported lobbying contacts;
  • visualisation of legislation and its’ changes;
  • use of legislation in practice (in courts, inspection services and administrative decisions).

It is also full-fledged parliamentary monitoring tool – presenting MPs, debates, votings, court cases, etc.

Project website


Data is scraped or manually entered (scans in PDFs).


  • database of proposed legislation (95-97% of legislation is proposed by the government)
  • database of adopted legislation
  • reported lobbying contacts
  • adoption of legislation process (legislative procedure phases), including parliamentary discussions and votings
  • data about members of parliament
  • court decisions
  • criminal statistics, inspection statistics

Interesting aspects

  • visualizations: ie. similirality graphs of MPs based on their votings and lobbying contacts
  • automatically highlights whether there has been a breach of Resolution on normative activities (this one represents a minimum standard of public consultation and openness of the legislative process, ie. it requires a minimum 30-day public debate on all new legislation).
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