Kosht Urada

Cost of the State
Project website

Engages Belarusians in the discussion about public budgeting in Belarus.

Kosht Urada presents budgets of Belarus state over several years. Raw data is accompanied with visualization and interactive tools like How much taxes do you pay? calculator. Users can also propose how they would construct the budget.

Project website

    The School of Young Managers in Public Administration is a project aimed at formation in Belarus a community of young people aware of principles and mechanisms of public administration of different level.

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  • Election Calculator

    Who you  should vote for? Which represenatives share your political views?

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  • Javna Rasprava

    A platform devoted to engage citizens in the public debate. It consists of a three modules allowing citizens to:

    • discuss legislation being currently processed in the parliament
    • ask parliamentarians about their¬†opinions and share the feedback
    • create and sign petitions
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  • Otkrytya Politsya

    Open Police is a portal that monitors the Russian police reform as well as the performance of the police in Russia.

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