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Konflikti Interesa (Conflicts of Interests) website offers accessible asset declarations of Montenegrin politicians.


Despite the fact that the legal framework for asset declarations is one of the best in Europe, there are still many barriers for analysing the provided data.

Data on the official governmental website is structured, but:

  • the site is often down
  • incorrect fields are filled by officials
  • numerical data is provided in all possible formats (ie. monthly or yearly salaries, not specifying currency, etc.)

CDT website offers cleaned quality data both to be read on the website, but also available to download in machine-readable format for further analysis.

It is of great importance to keep and present all asset cards from the last ten years, in order to gain greater visibility and more accurate picture of whether and how the assets of public officials had changed during their terms in office. Therefore, this website may also be the example on how to enable public control and comparison of income and assets of officials and their family members.

This project gained the great attention of Montenegrin public, initiating public debate on conflict of interest issues. The website, as one of the first websites in the Western Balkan that deals with this topic in a different and specific way. – CDT team


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Average salaries of public officials in comparison to the general average salaries in Montenegro:







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