Istinomjer is an online platform for the monitoring and evaluation of responsibilities of public office holders
Project website

Istinomjer is an online platform for the monitoring and evaluation of responsibilities of public office holders and political parties in power. Istinomjer platform analyzes on a daily basis public statements of public office holders and assesses their responsibility in giving them. Statements of individuals are tested for consistency and veracity as well as the fulfillment of the promises given in statements.

Apart from this, Istinomjer monitors and analyzes the quality and level of fulfillment of electoral promises of the parties in power at different levels. It analyzes the individual promises given through pre and post-election programs and provides an assessment of their fulfillment and concreteness in several different ways.

Project website


Bosnia & Hertzegovina – Istinomjer

Serbia – Istinomer

Montenegro – Istinomjer

Macedonia – Vistinomer

Croatia – Faktograf



Istinomjer website is build on wordpress CMS with very extensive additional programing and customizations.

Functionalities of the platform:
  • Interconnection and optimisation of data
  • Different data and post types to be divided in different post types and divided “physically”
  • Optimize data design and structure for complex data set.
  • Optimize and design data structure for further scaling
  • Enable data structure for further scaling the individual records for additional and preferable attributes that will improve:
    • better aggregation of various statistics
    • better tracking of pre election promises fulfillment
    • better reporting
    • better planning and structuring of pre election promises on behalf of political parties in BiH
  • Possibilities for reporting and generating statistics and reports


Backend: WordpressLang: PHP


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