I have the right to know

Mam Prawo Wiedzieć
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Provides citizens with general information as well as views of MPs and candidates for MPs.

One can compare his or her views with those of representatives.

Project website
  • Association 61

    Acting for transparency in public life and for civic access to public information about citizen’s representatives.

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  • Deklarator.org

    The Declarator project is a continually updated open database which contains income and asset declarations of Russian civil servants including ministers, deputies, judges, as well as representatives of regional and municipal institutions. Furthermore, the database includes declarations of employees of state-owned corporations and companies. According to Russian law, over a million people are obliged to publish their income and asset declarations every year.

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  • Promis

    Platform monitoring promises of Moldovian politicians, made in the media, in government programs, action plans, etc.

    Project has been frozen in March 2015.

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  • Imam Pravo Znati

    An Alavateli (I have the right to know) deployment allowing Croatian citizens to inquire public information from their authorities and share the responses publicly.

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