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Mam Prawo Wiedzieć
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Provides citizens with general information as well as views of MPs and candidates for MPs.

One can compare his or her views with those of representatives.

Project website
  • Association 61

    Acting for transparency in public life and for civic access to public information about citizen’s representatives.

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  • Datanest

    How public finances are managed in Slovakia.

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  • Glasometar

    Glasometar is an online tool for measuring the voting preferences in elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The idea of ​​the tool is that citizens, through answers on default questions that have previously been answered by main political parties, as a result can get the level of agreement with political parties, as well as analyze their response in different ways in the context of political parties and their answers.

    In addition to assisting citizens, this tool is very good for analyzing the ideological position of citizens and political parties and therefore this tool may have a politicological significance.

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  • OpenData.ge

    OpenData.ge is a website dedicated to FOIA requests. It is making easier to send a request, it allows to monitor request’s status, and it allows to share the responses between citizens.


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