Fact-checking public statements of Romanian politicians


  1. Each day potential statements are posted by the core team to the Factual FB group
  2. Team of independent experts and volunteers are voting on the statements, so only these that are the most interesting for this wider audience are fact-checked
  3. Volunteers supported by the experts in the field do the fact check
  4. Experts are checking justifications [1st peer review]
  5. Factual core team is checking justifications [2nd peer review]
  6. Language correction
  7. Fact check with justification is published online


Factual team is mostly fact checking TV debates, but also politician’s statements made in parliamentary debates, published on official governmental websites and in the general news. From time to time also conferences and other live events are covered with help of the team on ground.


Factual got a lot of the attention by live fact checking debates before elections. With the partnership of TV channels, its audience could see the veracity of statements on the newsbar even after 5 minutes.

This live fact checking makes for a great incentive to organize fact-checkathons: community events where diving into the statements makes for a great way to integrate the whole community behind Factual.


Factual has over 15k likes on its Facebook page, with some of the content reposted by the Funky Citizens profile with over 20k likes (for May 2016). Facebook is the main channel of reaching out the audience.

Reachout is done also by media partners. An interesting example is VICE Romania, that on each Saturday in Statament of the Week series publishes analyses of statements of politicians  made by Factual, but also a human behavior research company that analyses facial expressions of politicians and use it as a base for parallel storytelling.

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