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Volební kalkulačka
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Who you  should vote for? Which represenatives share your political views?

Election calculator works in two modes: “Calculator” and “Inventory of votes”. Before elections it compares your views with that of election candidates who have filled the survey, so basing on premises. After the elections it allows users to answer questions on major topics being discussed and voted in parliament and compare that to the real votes, showing who is really representing our views.


Project website
  • KohoVolit.eu

    KohoVolit.eu is a civic association (“občanské sdružení” in Czech), which aims to support democracy. This is primarily being done by developing and operating of the KohoVolit.eu website and our projects. KohoVolit.eu strives to increase awareness of citizens, strenghten the watchdog of elected representatives and boost openness of data, using many cmodern technological tools.

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  • Alavateli

    Alaveteli helps you lower the barriers that prevent citizens asking questions of those in power.

    One of the most popular platform used for sending FOIA requests and sharing responses publicly. It is deployed in CEE in the following countries.

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  • Political Donations.ge

    Website presenting donations to Georgian political parties linked to corporate registers and public procurement.

    Since its launching the government has introduced its own official website http://monitoring.sao.ge/en, but TI website still offers additional value: donors are linked to companies they own as well as their participation in public procurement.

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  • Promis

    Platform monitoring promises of Moldovian politicians, made in the media, in government programs, action plans, etc.

    Project has been frozen in March 2015.

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