How public finances are managed in Slovakia
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How public finances are managed in Slovakia.

Datanest contains a variety of data (mostly financial) on the functioning of Slovakia:

  • Public tenders
  • Subsidies
  • Registers of companies and NGOs
  • Public persons: MPs, candidates, lawyers, attorneys
  • Political parties spendings, sponsors, loans,
Project website
  • FairPlay Alliance

    Monitoring public institutions and public representantives.

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  • MyCountry

    MyCountry is a platform that publishes tons of public data gathered from public institutions websites in easy to understand manner. Every information shown is also accessible through documented API.

    See all datasets processed at

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  • Vodite Racuna – Budget Viz

    Part of the bigger website educating about taxes and public budgets – a visualization showing planned budget of Serbia for year 2014.

    It also offers unique tool to compare budget across years:


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  • Kleine Anfragen

    ‘Kleine Anfragen’ are official questions to the government by members of the state-parliaments and of the Bundestag (federal German parliament). The relevant ministries are obliged to provide written responses which are made available to the parliament and the public. collects the requests and responses from parliamentarians (Federal and State level) to the government and makes them available through a simple interface. This opens the possibility to effortlessly search through the requests. You can easily search by keyword, filter by individual, document type etc. In addition, you can subscribe and receive alerts when new requests with your search-terms are added.

    Our aim is to obtain easier access to the work of the federal and state parliaments, to get to know opinions and interests of the opposition and to bring important and interesting details to light.

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