How public finances are managed in Slovakia
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How public finances are managed in Slovakia.

Datanest contains a variety of data (mostly financial) on the functioning of Slovakia:

  • Public tenders
  • Subsidies
  • Registers of companies and NGOs
  • Public persons: MPs, candidates, lawyers, attorneys
  • Political parties spendings, sponsors, loans,
Project website
  • FairPlay Alliance

    Monitoring public institutions and public representantives.

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  • Gos Zatraty

    Portal presenting public expenditure data and an automated monitoring system that allows examining, understanding and detecting violations and using public expenditure data: grants, federal and municipal contracts, etc.

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  • Alavateli

    Alaveteli helps you lower the barriers that prevent citizens asking questions of those in power.

    One of the most popular platform used for sending FOIA requests and sharing responses publicly. It is deployed in CEE in theĀ following countries.

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  • Javna Rasprava

    A platform devoted to engage citizens in the public debate. It consists of a three modules allowing citizens to:

    • discuss legislation being currently processed in the parliament
    • ask parliamentarians about theirĀ opinions and share the feedback
    • create and sign petitions
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