Cost of the city

City budgets broken down
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Sites developed by cities presenting costs of the city at human scale.

How much does it cost to plant a tree, maintain it, build 100m meters of asphalt road, bike lane or pavement?

Altough these sites were developed by cities and not CSO community, they are interesting example of educating about city budget. Showing costs per item it’s easier for citizens to understand differences in cost, say it’s 450PLN to plant a tree, 330k to build a playing field, and 9 770k to build swimming pool. Aggregated data doesn’t say it explicitly.



Project website

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    OpenMoney project goal is to show who the real beneficiaries of contracts awarded by state institutions.

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  • Parasyk Jiems

    Write a letter to your representative.

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  • is a fact checking website operating in Slovakia, monitoring arguments of politicians and other public figures, made at the political debates or in public areas. platform after its success in Slovakia has been scaled to Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary.
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