Techsoup Europe

TechSoup Europe’s goal is to help civil society organisations benefit from technology to effectively achieve their missions.


TechSoup Europe believes in the power of civil society. We support nonprofits across the continent by providing ICT resources, organising and providing access to data, convening activists, and sharing knowledge.


We build partnerships with civil society partners, local public administrations and governments, as well as corporate donors.


Our main objectives are:

– Giving civil society organisations resources and knowledge on how they may benefit from technology

– Providing validation services to funders and corporations

– Sparking community-oriented technology innovations

– Running the largest technology philanthropy programme in Europe, which has saved NGOs over €914m since it started.


Within our Community Programme, we make technology social by bringing together technologists, designers and civil society actors together to share and generate innovative solutions to social challenges. The programme has resulted in:

– 5 online and offline community building campaigns

– 6 civic tech challenges

– more than 200 ideas crowdsourced for social applications; 16 out of those were awarded and 9 incubated

– the open data platform installed in the City of Warsaw

– 7 large, international civic tech events

– open data training programmes

– dozens of international social hackathons, barcamps, 84 meet-ups

– the establishment of the network of organisations working on CEE on accountability and transparency (TransparenCEE)

Anna Sienicka
Anna Sienicka
Vice President, Europe
Luna Kalas
Luna Kalas
Community Program Director
Chris Worman
Chris Worman
Senior Director, Alliances and Community