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Acting for transparency in public life and for civic access to public information about citizen’s representatives.

Access to public information is a constitutional norm, which states that citizens have a right to know about the activities and decisions of public authorities. In a democratic state knowledge and information are tools of control for citizens, that help them choose freely. Obtaining this information is often a challenge of itself – it relies upon the public administration and its will to share the information, the development of new media, and the ability of citizens to pose the right questions. Our activities allow access to reliable, synthesized, and objective information. We aim at building the credibility of public information we provide, thus we do not interpret the data, but only provide and correlate them.

We focus especially on promoting conscious and active participation in political life, encouraging citizens to exercise their right to vote, raising the voters’ knowledge about candidates and political parties, mobilizing candidates and political parties to take a clear position in public matters, monitoring the activities of people elected to public offices, acting for the transparency of elections and election campaigns, civic education, political and patriotic education, promoting democratic mechanisms in public life, increasing citizens’ participation in democratic processes, the development of information society, especially focusing on the free and equal access to information.

Organization website
  • I have the right to know

    Provides citizens with general information as well as views of MPs and candidates for MPs.

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    Demagog is a Polish fact-checking association devoted to monitoring politicians’ public statements.

    Demagog is a non-profit organization formally launched on 29 April 2016. Our work started two years earlier, in April 2014. Since the beginning we’ve been checking the statements of decision-makers on a web-site Being pioneers in using the fact-check method in Poland, we are part of the International Fact-Checking Network, a informal network of initiatives from five continents set for cooperation and knowledge sharing.

    Our mission is to create a bias-free, high quality discussion between the society and the decision-makers. Our objective is to empower the citizens to critically choose and understand the news in the times of information noise. So far we checked more than 2800 statements of 316 politicians. We create not only short analysis, but also bigger reports on political situation in Poland, e.g. on electoral system or mining industry. Our work is quoted in press, radio and TV and during numerous conferences.

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  • Klon/Jawor

    Developing a tolerant, active, creative, self-organizing society

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  • Center for Citizenship Education

    Democracy in Poland, as elsewhere, will not succeed unless having responsible and active citizens. We believe that an active citizen participation forms the basis of democatic country and that schools play an important role in effective education of young citizens.

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