Access Info Europe

Access Info Europe is a human rights organisation established in Madrid in 2006 and dedicated to promoting and protecting the right of access to information.

Access Info runs a range of projects designed to leverage the right to information in order to increase participation and accountability, to defend human rights, and to advance democracy.

Activities include a mix of research and monitoring, standard-setting, law reform campaigns, and strategic litigation. Access Info also provides support and training for civil society and journalists. We have contributed to developing civil society activism on transparency in Europe, building a network of national organisations dedicated to securing increased transparency in practice.

In order to secure greater transparency of public decision making, we focus on a range of thematic areas including human rights (extraordinary rendition, policing of protests, detention and control of migrants), spending of public funds, company registers, media ownership transparency, and environmental issues. Control of lobbying is another strategic priority, which we do through campaigns for stronger standards and new laws, as well as by obtaining information on lobbying activities.