Tech Forum in Kiev

Between 19th and 20th of November, a TechForum organized by the U.S. State Department in cooperation with Newsfront Ukraine took place in the American House in Kiev, Ukraine. The event focused on using technology for anticorruption work, which is why we were there too.

The event followed the famous scheme of a TechCamp including speed geeking as a quick and dirty introduction to different technological tools, more in-depth session with specific trainers and, eventually, formulating a problem statement and planning up a project. The participants were NGOs, from both Ukraine and the region (e.g. Georgia, Poland, Belarus) and the trainers were a mix of both Ukrainian specialists, (like Denis Gursky of Social Boost, an open data advisor to the prime minister of Ukraine) and international guests from e.g. Sunlight Foundation and Blue State Digital responsible for both of Barack Obama’s campaigns.

To find out more of what happened and what people were tweeting check out #techforumukraine.

American Ambassador in Ukraine opening the Tech Forum in Kiev