PDF PL CEE 2016 – Philosophical Approach to Data Standards at Day 2

When building the TransparenCEE.org website and catalogue we made a few assumptions. See the filters you can browse data on different technology for transparency and accountability through? First of all there are content types such as organizations, events and tools. Secondly, there are categories of different fields of transparency work to which technology can be applied. During the 2nd day of the Personal Democracy Forum PL CEE Anka Kuliberda (TechSoup) and Krzysztof Madejski (Fundament) run a focus group workshop especially to gather feedback to what they had previously came up with.

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TransparenCEE website screenshot


One of the goals of the TransparenCEE network is to promote data standards which support transparency of procedures and can help fight corruption in the region. In order to do so we need to define them, together! Here comes the work list of our categorization and definitions along with comments, ideas and a detailed description of what each category contains of and ideas which we collaboratively created during the session. In addition to this we also asked participants about the projects which should be and aren’t included on transparencee.org and we will add the ones mentioned a-s-a-p. Thanks to all that participated, and let me tell you: the room was full!

PDF2016 TransparenCEE sesssion picture

People at the session as photogrpahed by Agnieszka Wanat


We can’t do everything at once so we decided one of the core things in our recommendations would be to prioritize data to be open. Firstly, we defined 5 fields of transparency in terms of different categories of data as we see them, and we asked all participants for the input.

Here are the 5 fields we distinguished plus one added throughout our conversation at PDF, the full list of the categories and the input is to be found in this Google doc open for all to browse through:

  1. Executive Branch
  2. Decision making process
  3. Justice system
  4. Commons Management
  5. Money Flow
  6. Election

Thanks to those participating we managed to added “election” as an entire different field of transparency data and budget of state-owned enterprises to the Commons Management field.

It was amazing to actually confront what we are trying to do with you. All the input you might have is still open, so just let us know and write to us at akuliberda@techsoupglobal.org.