Meeting in Montenegro

…aka Developing a Stronger #Tech4Transparency Movement in CEE (and SEE)

Promoting Technology for Transparency and Accountability in CEE and Eurasia” project is all about learning. And it is all about working methods. It covers sharing interesting materials online, meeting and connecting, and then our favorite: learning by doing.

In the beginning of October, in Podgorica in Montenegro we had a chance to meet some wonderful people, working in the area of the intersection of transparency, anticorruption and technology in their respected countries in Central and Eastern Europe. They are doing amazing work.

A meeting took place in the premises of Center for Democratic Transition and gathered representatives from organizations like CRTAEuroasia Partnership FoundationMetamorphosis FoundationK-monitor, New Citizen Coalition, ePaństwo FoundationU.G. Zasto ne and Techsoup Europe.

We talked about our work and about the power of tightening up out relations for a stronger voice of the movement in the region. The meeting allowed exchanging experiences in a small group of people, bringing more in-depth topics to the table, and making honest conversations possible.

One of the most important outcomes of the event is that we want to organize the other 4 planned bigger and smaller networking events in a way which would encourage this kind of knowledge exchange. We want to invite a larger group of organizations to the table and focus on specific parts of the work like working with open data for anti corruption purposes or using data to build up applications which explains complicated state procedures.

To be continued.

This is a cool picture. At our meeting, women were also present.

This is a cool picture of an “undated meeting”. At our meeting, women were also present.