Faktograf launches in Croatia!

One of the TransparenCEE Network Projects, Faktograf, launches in Croatia!

Croatian fact-checking website Faktograf.hr launched on October 27th. Faktograf rates political claims on a scale from “Fact” to “Not even the F of Fact”. This rating system echoes the one popularized by PolitiFact’s Truth-O-Meter and was adopted with modifications by the most external fact-checkers worldwide.

Zasto ne, which is behind the Bosnian Istinomjer, did the programming and designing for Faktograf’s website with support from the National Endowment for Democracy and TechSoup.

Technically, Faktograf consists of a database that supports researchers’ efforts in collecting information on the degree to which promises made by public officials are fulfilled. Factograf uses the WordPress platform for publishing content, social media, and traditional media for public engagement.

The editor of Faktograf, Petar Vidov, used to be a journalist at Index.hr (Croatia’s most visited news portal). He says the launch would not be possible if it wasn’t for Zasto ne sharing their skills and experience, as well as the support from all the fact-checking organizations working in the region.

print screen of faktograf.hr

Print screen of faktograf.hr

The launch of Faktograf is a part of “Promoting Technology for Transparency and Accountability” project run by TechSoup in Europe in partnership with Fundacja ePaństwo and Zasto ne.