Adopt Javna Rasprava

Javna Rasprava brings members of parliament closer to their constituents and allows to survey people’s opinion towards ongoing legislation. Would you like to run such portal in your country?


Since its launch in September 2015 this platform, whose purpose is to explain the laws to the citizens and gather their opinions on certain policy issues in state and entity has had more than 700.000 visits, and it has a growing social media presence (some 15.000 people following it on Facebook). The response from the parliamentarians has also been good, with more than 80 parliamentarians communicating with the citizens on the platform. Most recent success story happened in March 2017 with the Law on control of tobacco products in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina which alone had over 50.000 visits, where 20.380 people voted for the adoption of the law and 9.240 voted against.



Javna Rasprava is a website that facilitates discussion on ongoing legislation between members of parliament and citizens. Each law being processed in the parliament, as well as its key policies are described shortly and intuitively. Citizens can ask politicians about their stance on the given law and then express their support for the bill or lack of it by voting. A ranking of most active politicians (ones that answered the most questions) is presented to encourage their positive involvement. See a more detailed description of the project in the TransparenCEE tools database.

Javna Rasprava has been developed by Civic Association Zasto Ne in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Now, as part of the TransparenCEE initiative, we are looking for an organization that would like to adopt this successful project for a parliament or city councils in your own country. We, TechSoup Europe, ePanstwo Foundation and Zasto Ne, will support you in adapting and deploying it.

What do we offer

IT support

We will adapt the tool to your organization’s needs and set it up to use. That includes activities such as creating a dedicated design, developing new minor features, helping you rent server space and deploy the tool there.



We want you to maximize tool’s impact in your country/city. Trainings will include mapping your context and needs, discussing ways to reach to legislators, and using the tool from an administrator perspective. Trainings may also include more general activities, such as writing down advocacy and communications strategies.

Trainings will be led by Zasto Ne, if needed supported by external trainers.


Financial bootstrap support

We may be able to offer limited budget on activities necessary to launch this tool in your country, such as translation or describing current bills.


What do we expect

We expect you to reach out with communication campaigns, maintain the website, and keep describing ongoing legislation. We therefore look for organizations which are already performing similar activities and have financial resources or a financial plan to sustain the tool in a long-term perspective. We are bound to work with organizations in the region covered by the TransparenCEE project; for a full list of eligible countries see

We estimate that actively maintaining the website requires up to 60 working hours per week.

Application process

If you’re interested in adapting Javna Rasprava then please write to explaining briefly your motivation and internal resources. We will schedule a call shortly to talk about the details. This open call is open till July 31st, 2017.