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    MyCountry is a platform that publishes tons of public data gathered from public institutions websites in easy to understand manner. Every information shown is also accessible through documented API.

    See all datasets processed at

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    Hello World!

    Hi there, here it comes: the launch of our website. It is for and about using technology in transparency and accountability related activities. We come from and focus on Central Eastern Europe and Eurasia. See who we are and what we are cooking up!

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    Personal Democracy Forum CEE 2017



    The 5th edition of Personal Democracy Forum will serve as a platform of idea and experience exchange for people working for civic participation and transparency in public life with the help of new technologies in Central and Eastern Europe.

    The jubilee edition of Personal Democracy Forum will take place on April 6-7, 2017 in the European Solidarity Centre in Gdańsk. It is planned for two days of both experts’ presentations and several interactive workshops. Keynote speeches will be interpreted and recorded in order to be published online for further use. The conference will be streamed on the conference related websites.

    At this year’s PDF will be concentrated on diagnosing the democratic system – what went wrong? Did the system fail us or did we fail? What are the next steps? Find more background for this year’s main theme. This year organizers of PDF see the need to focus around the following areas:

    Democracy as a Buzzword

    It seems that democracy is being defined in contradictory ways. Although people keep using similar words to describe it. Perhaps they do not mean anything anymore?

    Revolution | Evolution | Stagnation

    From enthusiasm through grassroot work to powerlessness. How can citizens learn from experiences of introducing the change?

    Creation | Manipulation | Responsibility

    When states are ineffective, citizens take matters into their own hands. What sort of challenges do they have to face in contemporary politics?

    Maintenance | Sustainability | Innovation

    Hopelessness and insecurity are becoming the most popular companions of CSOs. What environment should be created to expel those words from their vocabulary?

    The special guest this year will be Ethan Zuckerman, Director of the Center for Civic Media at MIT, and Associate Professor of the practice in the Program in Media Arts and Sciences at the MIT Media Lab.

    During PDF PL CEE 2017 we will listen to 3 talks, 2 panel discussions and 14 presentations during three sessions on Day 1 and participate in 12 interactive workshops and 10 world cafe sessions on Day 2. On that day the participants will also have an opportunity to listen to a keynote speech by Ethan Zuckerman and “Lessons from the Region” closing panel held by TransparenCEE.

    TransparenCEE activities at PDF CEE 2017

    This year TechSoup will organize two side events in the framework of TransparenCEE project around PDF CEE. Workshop “Communications and Advocacy with Data” will focus on the ways to communicate findings from data analysis and making audiences engaged in order to make change possible. During 8 hours of work, participants will prepare their strategies for Data Advocacy and Communications in their data projects. Workshop will take place on Saturday 8th of April.

    In parallel the first offline meeting of two (out of three) TransparenCEE cross-sector Working Groups will take place in Gdańsk. The groups were formed early this year by TransparenCEE community members to work together on finding practical solutions for the most vital issues related to corruption, transparency and good governance across the region.

    The first Working Group is focused on Public Procurements and Corporate Registry and facilitated by Sandor Lederer CEO of K-Monitor. The second Working Group on Decision-making processes is facilitated by Iurii Lisovskyi Project Manager in OPORA.

    PDF is organized by ePaństwo Foundation in partnership with TechSoup and the city of Gdańsk.



    You can register today! To do so, go here.

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    Code for Freedom

    Code for Freedom is an international Hackathon organised to promote the ideals of freedom, solidarity and democracy.

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    Central Open Data Hackathon

    At Central Open Data Hackathon at National Stadium in Warsaw developers, activitists and designers from Central & East Europe have created or prototyped amazing civic tech projects.

    We see that many problems in the region are common: the quality of public services, transparency and public procurement, evidence-based politics, etc. We believe that through collaboration of people from different countries and contexts we can create better, more sustainable products, than acting on our own.

    This event is part of series of hackathons organized under Code for Poland programe and part of international conference on democracy and technology – Personal Democracy Forum Central and Eastern Europe 2014.

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    Personal Democracy Forum Poland-CEE 2014

    PDF PL-CEE highlights key players and initiatives in Poland and surrounding countries in CEE region, as well as perspectives from others outside the region engaged in transparency, technology, and civic activism.

    The aim of the 2014 edition of the event is to to go deeper into the question of how the future of civic participation will evolve in the region and how NGOs, governments and citizens can cooperate through the use of technology and innovation.

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    Personal Democracy Forum Poland-CEE 2013

    Personal Democracy Forum Poland-Central Eastern Europe (PDF PL-CEE) explored the interaction between open Internet and open democracy. It was organised by Personal Democracy Media in cooperation with Fundacja ePaństwo (ePF), recipient of the European Public Sector Information Platform (ePSIplatform) award 2011 for the outstanding parliamentary monitoring portal PDF PL-CEE highlighted key players and initiatives in Poland and surrounding countries, as well as perspectives from others outside the region engaged in transparency, technology, and civic activism. There were 300 participants from Poland and from other Central and Eastern European countries including the Balkans. The main event took place on Friday, February 1, 2013 at Kino Praha and was followed by an unconference on Saturday, February 2, 2013 at 9.30am-3pm at Centre Zielna. The unconference gave attendees of PDF a chance to create their own agendas, share experience, as well as information tools and applications that can impact politics at the local and national level.

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    Our Project (PTTA) Kicks Off!

    The kick off of the project took place between the 18th and 21st of August, in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Representatives from TechSoup, U.G. Zasto ne and ePaństwo Foundation agreed on an action plan to be implemented during the course of the project. We have assigned responsibilities and defined the next steps.

    We will be organizing two large, external facing events which apart from their usual agenda will also serve as network events: Personal Democracy Forum PL CEE (Gdańsk, Poland, March 2016) and POINT Conference (Sarajevo, BiH, June 2016). During the next 12 months we will also organize 3 smaller, network only events. The first of those is coming up in early October and will take place in Montenegro.

    Apart from this we will produce reports summing up the rules on opening data, as well as technological tools in use in the region. Each report will be available in a written form, but we will also work on telling the story in visuals, so that it is more digestible for a non-techie audience. The first report, on law frameworks, is coming up in December 2015, stay tuned. All of it will be published on our beautiful website.

    What is more, during the next 12 months we will take 5 working technology for transparency solutions and implement them in a different country. We are starting with helping the Croatian organization GONG

    fot by Alisa Karovic

    fot by Alisa Karovic

    in making Truth-o-meter website work for them (the name of the website will be Faktograf). It will be launched in October.

    Last, but not least: It is the right time for us to share some details about our crew. Find out who is working on the TransparenCEE! Meet Anna Sienicka, Anna Kuliberda and Alicja Peszkowska from TechSoup, Jakub Górnicki, Karolina Wysocka and Krzysztof Madejski from ePaństwo Foundation and Darko Brkan, and Boris Brkan from Zasto ne. Find out more on the “About us” subsite.

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    Data on dozen of european parliaments available through one API.

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    Personal Democracy Forum Ukraine coming up in June!

    It has been a month since Personal Democracy Forum PL CEE 2016 in Gdansk happened and we are already cooking something new! Personal Democracy Forum Ukraine in Kiev, on June 22nd. In case you do not know, Personal Democracy Forum is a format of a conference that follows how the internet is changing politics, governance, and advocacy created by the Personal Democracy Media.

    TransparenCEE is about strengthening the tech for transparency & accountability community. This is why a part of our program activities focuses on organizing events where we can network, promote new initiatives & projects from the region and talk about the overall trends in civic tech. PDF Ukraine will focus on how technologies can help on the path to democracy. We will talk about new media and journalism, local e-services and information sharing as well as using technologies for strictly activistic initiatives and campaigns. We will keep the balance between the local, regional and global perspectives.

    PDF Ukraine will take place in Master Klass Cultural and Education Centre in Kiev and will be organized by TechSoup, Fundament and the Civil Network OPORA in partnership with Hromadske.TV.
    More information including the agenda and the event’s website is coming soon. Save the date now though!

    Kiev at night

    This picture was taken by Will Will and was published under the Creative Commons License BY-ND 2.0

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